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Wymondham & Barnham Broom Day Trip

It was seeing the Spring Fair at Wymondham Abbey that sparked my little research project into a perfect day trip…and I’m very happy to say I think I’ve found it.


We had the dreamiest adventure last weekend and this day trip will come even more into its own as the weather improves (and even though the Spring Market won’t be on again until next year, its perfect to tie in with the Wymondham Farmers Market that happens on the third Saturday of every month instead).

Starting Point: We parked at the what three words location pigtails.delay.warping. There’s limited space here but we didn’t see a single other person when we did the walk (even though Wymondham Abbey Spring Fair was packed with people) so it doesn’t seem very discovered.


The day trip starts with a beautiful just under 2km walk alongside the River Tiffey. Not only does this stop you having to navigate the Wymondham one way system in the car but it also makes for the dreamiest start to your day. As the sun shines down on the water and butterflies dance in front of you (this actually really did happened when we did the walk and it was magical), you really get a sense of calm.


The path meanders you along the river for about 20 minutes until you get to a small car park which is opposite Wymondham Historic Train Station. As soon as you see this, you’re heading right along the road. Within a few minutes you’ll see the sign for Cavick House Farm.


N.B. Cavick House Farm Cafe & Gift Shop is only open Thursday - Saturday 10.30am to 2pm


A small family-run farm, its set in the grounds of the most stunning Manor House (which makes the walk up the lane to the cafe  spectacular). The cafe is run from the farm’s old tack room and they’ve converted a barn into an utterly magical seating area (although in the sunshine, sitting in the courtyard garden surrounded by pots of tulips is 100% the place to be).


The coffee is good, the cake looks delicious and there’s also the loveliest gifts to purchase in there; from bunches of fresh flowers to artwork and pottery.


Once you’ve had your pitstop at Cavick House Farm and drunk in all the joy of the magic here, you’ve got two options. You can pick up the 1 mile “Wymondham Abbey Trail” (which is a circular route that would take you to right near the Farmers Market if you’ve chosen to do this day trip on the third Saturday of the month). This additional circular walk is a great way to see the best bits of Wymondham (including the beautiful Abbey). Or if you choose not to add this in, you’re walking back along the route you walked into Wymondham on and heading back to your car.

Once back at your car, you’re driving just 4.5 miles (9 minutes) down the road to The Painted Barn. Set in a beautifully restored 16th century barn (this area of Norfolk is so clever with the way it’s been so creative with its old farm buildings) The Painted Barn to me is the perfect example of how amazing Norfolk is. To have such vision for a space and to have the bravery and belief to create such a destination in the middle of nowhere really is what makes Norfolk so magical to me. There are so many businesses who have followed their heart (and their dreams) and created something so amazing and successful. It’s whimsical but I love whimsical…and to me that’s Norfolk down to a tee.


There’s three spaces at The Painted Barn; a cafe, a shop and a studio. Some of Norfolk’s best Pilates and yoga instructors teach at The Painted Barn Studio and its so worth booking a class to add into your day trip here (or coming back another day for one). I’d really recommend Jane Layfield’s classes (@breathe_easy_pilates on insta). I’m booked onto her May beach Pilates / Sauna Box sauna morning down at Sea Palling and I literally cannot wait!


The cafe and shop sit within the main barn and both are as dreamy and as beautiful as each other. Although not dog friendly inside there are two outside seating areas (one with a covered deck area) which are both dog friendly. They’ve got a brunch menu and a lunch menu and it’s most certainly not your typical cafe food. It’s wholesome, healthy and delicious and I am so here for it.


The shop stocks the most beautiful homeware and although it would most certainly be the perfect place to buy gifts, I literally want it all for my own home. I’m not actually sure if I bought something that I’d be able to gift it and part with it to be honest.


When we did this trip, we left the house before 9am and weren’t back home until gone 3pm. I love days like this…fully immersed in the magic of Norfolk for pretty much a full day. And I have a sneaky suspicion you’re going to love it as much as we did.


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