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Christmas Gift Guide

A curated guide of gifts £10 - £100 from Norfolk's best independent businesses

Norfolk Uncovered has always been about small businesses. We started out as a Instagram account sharing the amazing pubs and restaurants that we were finding as we settled into making Norfolk our home. Now, three years later, we’re working directly with small businesses supporting them with the marketing and PR they need to get discovered and thrive.


I’ve worked with small businesses my whole career. I love them. I love the brave people who follow their dreams and take risks to build them. It’s part of the many reasons I love Norfolk; it’s full of those amazing people and full of small independent businesses.


This year has been tough for everyone. No matter your financial situation, I think we’ve all felt the pinch. Prices have gone up and lots of us have had to cut back or change or spending decisions. I know for me this Christmas, my thinking has completely changed. I haven’t bought anything for the sake of it. I’ve only bought beautiful, meaningful gifts that I know will be cherished.


I knew I wanted to shop small this Christmas. Every time I go to a small independent shop or a makers market and meet the brains behind the businesses and find out their stories, it fills my heart with joy. The things I buy from them mean so much more to me. They’re not just an object but they have meaning.

So because I knew I’d be doing all the research on the best gifts from small Norfolk businesses to buy our presents this year, I thought I’d wrap it up in a Norfolk Uncovered Gift Guide to share the love.


There’s nothing worse than trudging round shops the week before Christmas getting more and more deflated when you can’t find the right thing, cold and wet and running out of time. Hopefully with this guide, now you won’t have to.

Happy Christmas from Matt, Luna & I. We can’t wait to share even more of our adventures with you on Instagram in 2024.

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