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North Norfolk Open Studios - 2023

When you look at the beauty of Norfolk and the freedom and headspace that it gives you, it's absolutely no wonder it attracts creatives; and North Norfolk is full to the brim with creative talent. There's hundreds of artists now calling North Norfolk their home, running many private studios and taking inspiration and creative energy from the incredible beauty

around them. Their art can be found and purchased in locations all over the county (and beyond) but it's not often that they open their doors to invite members of the public to see their private studio spaces and get a real insight into their creative processes. Once a year though, for a very special week in the calendar, they do just that...and it starts on Saturday 27th May).

North Norfolk Open Studios is a totally free event and not only is it an opportunity to see the workshops, gardens and studios of our amazing artist talent, chat to them, participate in their workshops and events and buy direct from them, but it's an incredible way to also explore North Norfolk and find hidden gems of areas that you might not yet have explored.

On the North Norfolk Open Studios website you'll find 17 different art trails, split by both geographical area and art type. Some are walkable, some spread further across North Norfolk and require driving, but all will immerse you in both the beauty of North Norfolk and incredible artist talent.

There's over 100 artist's studios to be explored but the good news is, you just need to try and rush round them all in one day (or even all in one weekend) as the event runs until 4th June.

Not only are these incredible artists opening their doors but they're running several different workshops and events across the week too. From watercolour classes to life drawing and everything in between. Check out North Norfolk Studio's website for the full list.

Living in Norfolk inspired me to be creative. It made me quit my desk job and do what I love; creating content that makes people fall in love (or even more in love) with this incredible county and all of the amazing people and businesses within it. Imagine what it's done for these incredible artists and how amazing their work must be. Find a trail and get exploring North Norfolk artist talent. Small, local businesses need our support more than ever, and what an incredible way to spend your time showing your support.

North Norfolk Open Studios website:

Dates: 27th May - 4th June


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