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Norfolk Staycations - No4 Overstrand

We love a Norfolk holiday cottage. We’ve spent so much time in them. From Matt being a little kid and spending every summer holiday in a cottage in Blakeney with his family. To us falling in love with Norfolk as a couple and spending every possible weekend we could up on The North Norfolk Coast, getting off the treadmill and unwinding from London life.

When we decided we were making the move permanently to Norfolk, we had in our heads that we’d just buy where we’d always stayed in holiday cottages. What we quickly realised though is that as pretty as these villages are, because they’re mostly holiday homes, they don’t always have much community and if we were to make Norfolk our home, having that community was super important to us.

Far from a scientific approach, we decided to look at a map and just started working our way round the coast, looking for new places to discover that fingers crossed might become our forever home….and it worked!

We found an amazing renovation project in the stunning village of Trimingham. A house with the most incredible location (sea views and a minutes walk to the coast path), so much potential to make it our own and more than that, a village that although quiet and peaceful (something we were hugely craving) had such an amazing community spirit.

For us on paper it was perfectly located to Cromer (10 minute drive / 1 hour walk), as well as home to some of the best country walks in Norfolk (and some of the best country pubs - in my opinion).

It wasn’t until our friends asked to come and stay that I then realised how amazing this area is for holidaying too. The problem is, our house is a renovation project. A serious renovation project. It’s liveable for us but it’s far from ready for hosting…so the hunt was on to find them the perfect holiday home and show them Norfolk the “Norfolk Uncovered way”.

….and we found it! No4 - Overstrand. It’s so perfect that my friend is already looking at dates to re-book the house for Spring and then again in Summer (she started messaging the minute she got home from Norfolk to check dates!!)

There were 5 of us in total; my friend, her adult daughter, her daughter’s boyfriend, plus Matt & I. Plus our dog Luna and their gorgeous dog Enzo. Being a fairly big group, we needed somewhere that had a big kitchen and dining space so we could all come together and enjoy the evenings, as well a living room that was large enough for us all to relax but also cosy enough that we got those Norfolk Cottage vibes.

The big thing for me was also finding a location that gave us options. Being in the middle of nowhere is incredibly pretty and probably perfect for a couples retreat (it’s what Matt & I always loved doing) but as a party of friends you probably want something a bit more going on.

Just like us, our friends are serious foodies too. So there were a few spots in mind that I knew I wanted us to be in good proximity.

When our friends checked in on Friday, their excited messages started flooding through. They instantly ran down to the beach and soaked up the incredible views and then raced back to light the log burner in the main living room, got into their PJs and snuggle in for the night. Once they were back, I got picture after picture of each beautifully cosy room, with messages telling us just how perfect it was. 

When we arrived to see them, we saw exactly why they were so excited. Just a few street away from the sea, No4 Overstrand is a beautifully and sympathetically converted Crabbers Cottage that was built in the 1900s.

Now set over 3 floors, including 3 bedrooms (one single, one super-king with ensuite and a double) it’s been designed with allowing groups to enjoy the space no matter the season.

The garden is the entertaining space of dreams and we stood in the kitchen for a good hour talking about next summer and how we could spend our time out in that garden on one of their next trips. It’s normally hard to find a space in Norfolk though that is so well set up for summer yet moulds so easily into a cosy winter retreat. No4 does that effortlessly though. Every bed has an electric blanket (and the comfiest mattresses you’ll sleep on) and the living room is so perfect for groups to bunker down on the large and cosy sofas, enjoying each other’s company as the log burner roars.

The house is quiet too. Overstrand is a perfect location for having everything you could need on your doorstep, as well as being within easy reach of some of the rest of the best of Norfolk. Having spent a lot of time in Overstrand in summer though (Trimingham where we live is the next village down) I can imagine it gets busy and has the potential to not be quite the quiet oasis that springs to mind when you think Norfolk. No4 though is so perfectly tucked away though and even on the busiest of summer’s days, there’s no way that quiet, relaxed bubble is getting popped.

We walk to Overstrand most weekends. The Cliff Top Cafe is one of our favourite spots for breakfast in the whole of Norfolk, the Sea Marge Hotel has the most beautiful garden overlooking the sea for afternoon coffee or drinks and the Roast Dinner at The White Horse is fab. There’s even a gorgeous little garden centre that has a lovely cafe too. 

My favourite thing about Overstrand though…the crab shack just down from Cliff Top Cafe. The fisherman goes out every morning and then sells his catch from the shop’s hatch. Once it’s gone it’s gone…so you’ve got to get down there early to get your hands on the freshest, tastiest crab you’ll ever eat..but my goodness it’s worth it.

There’s even a village shop in Overstrand that stocks everything you might have forgotten and can’t wait until the morning and your supermarket trip / delivery (logs for the log burner is a perfect example).

So if you didn’t really want to leave Overstrand you wouldn’t really have to. There’s everything there that you could possibly need. It’s not the Norfolk Uncovered way not to adventure though…and adventure we did!

Here's everything we managed to pack in across their weekend trip staying at No4 Overstand:

  • Walk to The Suffield Arms (our favourite pub in Norfolk and little sister to The Gunton Arms - more on this later), eating tapas in the main pub while enjoying some wine

  • Walk to Cromer on the beach (passing the Banksy)

  • Coffee at North Sea Coffee

  • Food & drinks at The Red Lion

  • Taxi to The Gunton Arms for lunch - it was frosty when we arrived and the mist was rising over the estate as the deer ran across the fields. You really don’t find a more magical place to eat than The Gunton Arms - especially on these kind of December days….and it’s only 12 minute taxi / drive from No4

When we first visited Norfolk as a couple when we were still living in London, I remember saying to Matt that there was something magical about the North Norfolk Coast. Now we live here and know the best spots, that magic has just grown. 

I wish we’d known about No4 when we used to holiday here. Now I do know about it though, it’s going to be my go-to. Not just for entertaining and hosting our friends but for us too. I know it sounds crazy when we only live in the next village down but there’s something about No4 that’s drawing me back. It’s the perfect staycation location and it’s got “Norfolk Uncovered” written all over it. 

If you’re interested in booking to stay at No4, contact Norfolk Hideaways for more information. 


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