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Discovering the Rich History of Norfolk, UK: From the Romans to the Modern Day

Norfolk is a county steeped in history, with a past that stretches back over 2,000 years. From Roman forts and Saxon churches to medieval castles and Tudor manor houses, Norfolk has it all. In this blog post, we'll take a journey through time and explore the rich history of this fascinating county.

Roman Times

The Roman era is one of the earliest periods of recorded history in Norfolk. The Romans built a fort at Caister-on-Sea, which is still visible today. They also established a port at Burgh Castle, where they imported goods from across the Roman Empire.

Saxon Era

In the Saxon era, Norfolk was home to many powerful rulers, including the famous King Raedwald of East Anglia. The Saxon influence can still be seen in the many churches and monasteries that dot the countryside, including the beautiful ruins of the Saxon church at North Elmham.

Medieval Times

During the Middle Ages, Norfolk was a thriving hub of trade and commerce. The county was home to many wealthy merchants and landowners, who built grand houses and castles. Some of the most famous medieval landmarks in Norfolk include Norwich Castle, Houghton Hall, and Castle Acre Priory.

Tudor Era

The Tudor era is another important period in Norfolk's history. This was the time when King Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries, many of which were located in Norfolk. The ruins of Walsingham Abbey and Binham Priory are reminders of this turbulent time.

Modern Day

In the modern day, Norfolk is a vibrant and diverse county that continues to grow and evolve. It's a popular destination for tourists, who come to explore the beautiful coastline, charming villages, and rich cultural heritage. From the bustling city of Norwich to the tranquil countryside, there's something for everyone in Norfolk.


From the Romans to the present day, Norfolk has a rich and fascinating history that's just waiting to be explored. Whether you're interested in ancient ruins, medieval castles, or modern-day attractions, Norfolk has it all. So come and discover the past, present, and future of this wonderful county.


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